Driving Industry 4.0* Transformation in Manufacturing

Spearheading global manufacturing transformation

The 4th industrial revolution and a dynamic global environment are spurring manufacturers to embrace digitalisation with greater focus and urgency than before. But in this fast-evolving space, it can be challenging to plan and execute a viable Industry 4.0 transformation roadmap.

The International Centre for Industrial Transformation (INCIT) was thus founded to champion the Industry 4.0 journeys of manufacturers, and to advocate for the global rise of smart manufacturing. INCIT develops and deploys globally referenced frameworks, tools, concepts and programmes for all manufacturing stakeholders, in order to help spark digital transformation.

Smart Industry Readiness Index * SIRI

Introducing SIRI: the world’s first independent digital maturity assessment for manufacturers, comprising a suite of frameworks and tools to help start, scale, and sustain manufacturing transformation journeys.


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It can be challenging to plan and execute an Industry 4.0 transformation roadmap. Discover how our robust frameworks & tools can help your organisation succeed.

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Compare your manufacturing facility against robust industry benchmarks and gain data-backed insights into the current state of global Industry 4.0 transformation.

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What our partners say

INCIT provides those concrete tools and frameworks that will help scale up Industry 4.0 globally. INCIT sets out to be a key enabler for a vision of the future of manufacturing and with it brings enormous sophistication that will help transform the global manufacturing landscape effectively.
Francisco Betti
World Economic Forum, Head of Shaping the Future of Advanced Manufacturing & Value Chains.
INCIT’s thought leadership and data driven approach to improving manufacturing’s productivity can help to foster advanced technologies adoption and advanced skills transfer in developing member countries.
Brajesh Panth
Asia Development Bank, Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department
A data-driven approach and rigorous tools are essential to catalyse Industry 4.0 transformations globally. By advancing independent standards such as SIRI, and building an ecosystem of cross-sector partners, INCIT can help progress the adoption of advanced manufacturing.
Karel Eloot
McKinsey & Company, Senior Partner